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Welcome to Global Documents 4U. Our organization if the biggest partner you can have to solve your driver’s license problems, resident card issues, buying of passports and suitable identification documents. However, to make life more possible, we also provide a chance for you to buy IELTS certificates of desired band score, buy registered NCLEX license and university degrees. Our business makes life less difficult by providing your driving license and other necessary personal documents in real time. We are a combination of three documentation agencies from Europe, USA and Canada. This is why we can provide your driver’s license, passports and academic certificates all around the world. Our extensive network and the advantage of working together in a union, makes it very easy for us to solve very complex issues on personal identification. On our website, you will realize that we have different application forms suited for different need. The separation of application forms is because we have different departments processing different types of documents. For example, when you fill and submit the “apply for driver’s license form”, it is submitted directly to the driving license department. Also, when you fill the “apply for resident card form”, it is directly submitted to the residence card department. Likewise, submitting the “apply for passport form” directs your request to the passport department. This also applies to the fake id card department, NCLEX department, IELTS department and other academic certificate departments.
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The German license is a unique must have document for German citizens and mostly tourist who in who intend to work or own a German driver's license. Our services are fast, cheap & reliable, We deliver to your home address your copy of the German driver's license online. Do not hesitate to enquire much more about our services. We provide our legit driver's license at a cheaper cost than other document providers online, Our database is directly connected to real government documents issuers, Making our driver's license scan check and usable in the German community

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Owning a German driver's license purchased online is essential as owning a driver's license provided by the local government. With our online German driver's license, You are the same as a local citizen with all legal rights to drive and work in the German community, The only difference & advantage is you don't get to sit or register for any exams to own a German driver's license.

On the other hand, Acquiring a German driver's license online without on ground training could be dangerous, But who cares for most of us already know how to drive at home and just straight up need a license ready to go. This could be a disadvantage to some but 78% will not have a problem owning a German driver's license without local exams.

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Welcome to the only website to provide legal authorized documents like; IDs, Green Cards, Resident Permits,Driver’s License, Passports, Marriage Certificates, IELTS Certificates, TEFL & many more. We are authorized company with working database of most European countries and strive to make your day-to-day life easier. Our customer recommend our services due to our speed & authenticity. Nevertheless, We respect our customers very much and we do not ask question unless it’s necessary to provide your required document.

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    We provide real french driver’s license online registered in official government database and ready to use for any purpose at any time. Our French driver’s license are iris verified and accepted by autopass verifications, Do not worry about the quality of our production.


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    Welcome to the best database where you can buy romanian drivers license online, both fake and real. We will like to acknowledge the fact that Bucharest citizens always buy our real romanian driver’s license online, It might get stressful completing registration of your romanian driver’s into the transport system.


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    Welcome to the most reliable website to get yourself a German driver’s license (DL) at a very affordable, This is a 100% legit website to get a german driver’s license in 2022 without going through any protocol or writing exams or waiting for months. Our driver’s are the original copy and very essential in your everyday life.

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